Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 1319 Main Street, Fitchburg, Ma.  Friday, September 15th, 5- 10PM Saturday, and September 16th, 11AM - 10PM.    

Rain or Shine!  

Music, Food, Dance, Beer and Wine!  Outdoor Seating and Bar, Coffee Bar, Raffles, Kids’ Booth, Shopping and Much, Much More!  

Taverna Night - Friday, September 15th from 5 pm to 10 pm featuring our outdoor bar area, taverna menu of mezedes and Greek BBQ, pastries, music, and dance.

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1319 Main Street

Fitchburg, MA 01420


Tel. 978-342-1216

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Father Paul C. Bebis


Fellow Parishioners,

Greetings from the Festival Committee! We come to you with an important message about our upcoming Festival.

After messaging about the need for more volunteers we have unfortunately only seen limited early engagement in our Festival planning.  We have been placed in a difficult position where we are questioning our ability to obtain the volunteer support to lead all of our critical revenue driving booths. Without this assistance, the success of the Festival comes into question. While we understand and appreciate that many of you provide your support on the day of the Festival, we need your assistance with planning efforts.

Our next meeting is July 18th at 6:00pm where we hope to finalize the list of chair people to lead all of our booths.  These meetings are not just for our chair-people, but for all parishioners who are interested in the success of the Festival.  As of right now, we will be unable this year to deliver a shopping marketplace (Agora), run our Gyro booth, sell our pastries or facilitate our 50/50 raffle without many of you stepping up to take a leadership role.  Please plan to attend our meeting on July 18! Please consider chairing one of these vacancies and helping us secure additional volunteers to support the Festival.

It brings us no joy to write this letter, but we believe that all of you need to be aware of the situation in a very candid and honest way. We certainly don’t want anyone to say that they were unaware of the situation. As always, please contact us directly, or the church office with questions or comments. Lastly, we do want to extend a thank you to the few of you who have already donated countless hours of your time to help!

Festival Co-Chairs

Mike Nelson & Greg Belleza




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